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Contact Info     Joensuun Puhallinorkesteri
PL 225, 80101 Joensuu

Jochen Bierlein

My name is Jochen Bierlein, and I play trombone. I come from Germany, but currently I’m working here in Finland for a couple of months. With help of Mr. Google, I found Joensuun Puhallinorkesteri, and was warmly welcomed to the band from the very beginning.

I started playing when I was fourteen years old. First I tried trumpet, but my mom thought it was too noisy, so I ended up playing trombone instead. In Germany, church choirs are often accompanied by different instruments, and that’s how I started playing, too. Later I have played in different wind bands and big bands. I like to play many kinds of music, such as popular tunes arrangements, and I’m also very fond of Sibelius.

I have really enjoyed playing in Joensuun Puhallinorkesteri. The people here have been very friendly and helpful towards me, even though I only speak a few words of Finnish. For all the foreign players visiting Joensuu for a longer or shorter period, I warmly recommend joining JPO to have a nice experience of the local culture!